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From the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, 2013.  I was one of 5 artists selected to exhibit in the "New & Emerging Artist" category of the outdoor festival:

"Ray Lopez cannot be described one dimensionally.  His titles are borrowed lines of Transcendentalists philosophers.  His art not only captures a place at a moment in time, but also shows a deep investigation of that place; a sincere and straightforward documentation that seems effortless but never stoic.  He combines the ideas of Purism, Realism, and Naturalism seamlessly through expressive strokes, washes, buildup of paints, and accurate lighting, weather conditions, and time of day.  The majority of the landscapes we see in Natura are painted on location.  Lopez accepts the challenge of a non-conventional canvas size that necessitates faster brushwork and spontaneous color mixing.  He does not seem to favor one media more than another, as we see a balanced number of both oil and acrylic paintings.  His paintings still feel as if they haven’t had the time to dry completely.  He also has a breadth of ink and brush experimentations that hearken to Japanese sumi-e paintings.

An outdoorsman only second to artist, he often finds himself in very desolate places but having found the composition he was looking for.  Treks in the Everglades, high views from an isolated log cabin in the mountains of Georgia, Lopez continues the legacy of plein-air painting and faces the elements head on.  His paintings are a journey of places that are powerful and yet lonesome, blazoned with color and light but subtle.

“I want to show my admiration for what is naturally beautiful, in its present state - marred by weather and time. I paint what I see in the hope of connecting with someone else’s fond memory of a place, a moment, a transformative  experience.”